Saturday, August 21, 2010

Let the death of Ninoy inspire P-Noy to serve justice for all victims of torture!

Press statement
August 21, 2010

Task force Detainees of the Philippines (TFDP), a human rights organization, commemorates the death of Ninoy Aquino by challenging P-Noy to mark this year’s anniversary by putting an end to a despicable crime that is torture that also victimized his father during Martial Law. He must prosecute all torturers under the Anti-Torture Act or RA 9745 and show the world that here in the Philippines torture and other acts of human rights violations are not condoned, permitted, ignored nor tolerated.

Torturers like Captain Binayug who was evidently caught by a camera employing unthinkable physical and mental punishment to an alleged snatcher in a police station located in Asuncion, Tondo, Manila, must not only be suspended but be put to the bars of justice for committing a crime against human rights. It is not enough that he be relieved or summary dismissal proceedings be instituted against him. It is even pathetic for the PNP to subject him to re-training on values and attitudes. Captain Binayug is not a child that needs further lessons in Good Manners and Right Conduct, he is alleged to have committed the crime of torture. It is therefore the duty of the police to serve the interest of justice by arresting Binayug, charge him with the crime of torture and let the courts decide his fate.

Also torturer Supt. Madzgani Mukaram, commander of the police’s provincial public safety company of Pampanga who subjected Lenin Salas and 4 others to unimaginable pain and suffering must face the consequence of violating a non-derogable human rights such as the right not to be tortured.

Binayug, Mukaram and other members of the government forces arbitrarily violated RA 9745 which states that no one shall be subjected to torture or cruel inhuman degrading treatment or punishment. Any one from the government proven to have violated this law is punishable by life imprisonment.

TFDP and the human rights community struggled for an anti-torture law for decades. It has been a rampant practice during the dark years of martial law, and the recent documented cases show that until this day even with the law signed in 2009, the use of torture by some criminals in uniform still persists and not a single violator has been jailed.

We expect P-Noy to set an example. Stating that torture is not a policy of his administration is not enough, what we need to hear and see is his clear action against torture just like how he clearly declared his policy against wang-wang. He must make these criminals in uniform realize that torture is a crime and perpetrators must and will be jailed accordingly under his administration.

Justice not served, laws violated and impunity in human rights violations are crimes more than corruption. These call for greater attention and political will.

P-Noy must not disappoint the millions of Filipinos who entrusted the protection and fulfillment of human rights upon his leadership. He should not let these erring men in uniform terrorize our society and stain his administration with the blood of human rights violations victims. It is the paramount duty of government to serve and protect ordinary citizens from these uniformed criminals. Sa matuwid na daan, Karapatang Pantao ay iginagalang.

Let not these cases be a manifestation of another president with no conviction against human rights violations. If the late Ninoy were our president today, he will definitely firmly stand against injustices such as torture. Sa pagbabago, dapat salalayan ang Karapatang Pantao!

For more information please contact:
Egay Cabalitan
Advocacy Staff – TFDP
Mobile No: 09219645017
Office: 437 8054

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