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Let us assert our common humanity… we Cannot Allow Torture in any way.
Since time immemorial, torture has been humanity’s option for clinging to power and in suppressing truth. This happened to St. Stephen, the first martyr of the Church, during his stoning to death. This was humanity’s betrayal of Christ which ended up in the nailing on the cross. Indeed, He was a torture victim. Being sold for thirty pieces of silver; tried in public to denounce the supremacy of God over Ceasar; scourged at the pillar to test the vulnerability of the Son of God; crowned with thorns to disgrace the very sanctity of His Father. Torture was a method perpetrated with presumed regularity within the very procedures in the implementation of the law of man. Today, this is still happening. This is happening to any Juan, Pedro, and Maria in their quest to protect integrity and dignity as individuals or communities in the Philippines.

Let us assert our common humanity… we Cannot Allow Torture in any way.
Philippine Alliance of Human Rights Advocates (PAHRA)
March 25, 2009

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Ms. Wilma Tizon, Secretary General (FIND) ; Mr. Boyet  Mabunga - Secretary General (PAHRA); Sr. Arnold Maria Noel - Board of Trustee (BALAY); view video coverage @ gmanews.com

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