Friday, February 25, 2011

25 years ago
It was twenty five years ago when Filipinos showed to the world the power of the people to put in their hands the fate of a dictator and end one of those regimes that committed massive and ruthless human rights violations of that generation. 

Behind the well-celebrated event of our history, are martyrs, heroes and victims of human rights violations of the Marcoses. We are celebrating its 25th year commemoration but the victims are still uncertain when justice will come.

They are the real heroes behind that popular Edsa people uprising that put us in the center of the world and inspired other peoples of other nations to defend their own rights.

Almost 39 years since the late President Marcos declared martial law, victims have endured the slow grind of justice. It has been twenty five long years since the downfall of Ferdinand E. Marcos and his victims have yet to find justice and closure. Not a few have died, others still languish in the quagmire of poverty and want, and still others persist in pursuing truth, compensation, rehabilitation and justice. And there are still many others who have not yet surfaced and claimed their rights.
People Power.
Edsa 1 people power.

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  1. Hi! May we use your picture for a commemoration of the Martial Law e-poster. Not for commercial use, but for awareness/viral campaign.


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