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Remember Nanay Patria Andal - #rememberML@40

“Anong hirap pala ang mawalay sa mga mahal mo sa buhay, sa katulad kong isang ina. Ngunit ang damdamin ko ay lalo kong pinagtitibay; hangad ko pa rin ang paglaya at muling magkapiling tayong lahat.” – Nanay Andal

Nanay Patria Andal

Nanay Andal. Source: TFDP
Her story is that of a mother’s unselfish love for her children, on March 2, 1979, in Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro. Element of the Philippine Constabulary and Integrated National Police raided her house and retrieved a carbine under the bed in the room formerly occupied by Reynante, Nanay’s late son.

Nanay Andal had to be fetched from her small meat stall in the market, and her other son, Ervin were arrested and detained at the Provincial Jail.

It took ten days before they were arraigned in court and both pleaded innocence to the charge. The lawyer assigned to them convinced Nanay to plead guilty. He told her, that if she plead guilty, her son will be set free and she would get, at the most, two years in jail. She agreed. She withdrew her plea, and instead, entered a plea of guilty. Two years imprisonment was little sacrifice for her son’s freedom.

In the decision of the court dated December 14, 1979, Nanay Andal ws sentenced to a minimum term of 20 years to a maximum of life imprisonment.

The gun found at her house, was a momento she kept of her dead son Reynante, who was killed by members of the Task Force Lawin of the Philippine Army in 1971.

Source: “Filipino Women in Struggle” TFDP

On the 40th Anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law, let us push for the ‘Compensation Act’ for all victims
of human rights violations of the Marcoses,
JOIN us in our pledge to remember, inform and inspire the youth with the truth and lessons that our nation learned from this dark period of our history.
I pledge to…
Never Again to Martial Law!
We remember, we inform, we inspire
Our youth with the truth and lessons of Martial Law.
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