Saturday, June 1, 2013

#26June: What are you doing to support victims of torture?

#26June: What are you doing to support victims of torture?

The fight against torture happens on several fronts; from lobbying international organisations and governments to training health care providers, lawyers and judges, or through supporting the victims themselves to share their stories.

But to win the fight against torture, we need more than that. We need you. We need the collective action of individuals around the world to build a political will, so that perpetrators know that we will no longer accept torture. We will not allow these crimes to continue with impunity.

The IRCT has worked hard to make rehabilitation a right. But we still need to make this right a reality. For that to happen, we need people like you, saying with one voice, “Victims of torture have the right to rehabilitation. Let’s make this right a reality.”

On 26 June is the UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture. In honour of this day, we call on you to show your support for the victims of this heinous crime and together show the world that we no longer accept torture.

So, on 26 June, what will you do to stop torture?

Here are some ideas of ways to show your support to the victims of torture:

Send a message of support: take a picture of yourself with a message to victims of torture. You can write:

  • On 26 June, I show my support for victims of torture
  • Stop torture
  • No more torture
  • Torture victims have a right to rehabilitation

Use this photo as your profile picture
Or, post it on Facebook, on the World Without Torture event page or our wall
Send your photo message to us via Twitter @withouttorture with the hashtag #26June
Simply post a message of support on Facebook or Twitter. Remember to tag it #26June or #Right2Rehab

Share facts about torture and rehabilitation. Here are some examples:

  • Torture is used in more than 100 countries around the world #stoptorture #26June
  • Today #26June is the Day in Support of Victims of Torture #stoptorture
  • Torture victims have a #Right2Rehab #26June
  • Victims of torture can rebuild their lives through holistic rehabilitation #Right2Rehab #26June

Share stories of torture survivors from World Without Torture
“This world is not the horrible place that those perpetrators showed me.” Italia from Mexico
“What do we do with what others have done to us? Internalize this tormenting experience or fight to stop this happening again? I chose the latter.” Vera from Brazil
“I felt changes in my whole body… The loneliness has gone. I am no longer crying whenever as I was doing before.” Charline of Rwanda
“I will never forget what I experienced, but I’m trying to rebuild my destroyed life.” TK of Kosovo
Thank you for showing your support to victims of torture on 26 June. Together, we fight for a world without torture.

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